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Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Consultant and Internet Prophet, Christopher Locke

I recently bought a Hallmark greeting card that asks,"Weren't robots supposed to be doing all the crap jobs by now?" And in smaller type at the bottom: "What happened?"

Whaddya mean "what happened?"? Take a look at the hackneyed, cliche ridden prose in today's so-called corporate communications. If that stuff isn't written by robots, it might as well be, for all the warmth and intelligence it conveys. NOT. It remains a mystery why so many companies still tend to think of communicating with their markets as a "crap job." It's not. Though approaching this core function with such an attitude assures that the results will constitute a very expensive crap shot.

Gregory Bateson once described information as any difference that makes a difference. There are plenty of people— even some robots— that can string words together into sentences. Jeneane Sessum, on the other hand, can write. And yes, Virginia, there is a difference. Jeneane can write Eskimos into iceboxes, then write them out again. She may be the only person I know who can tell a stranger about rock and roll— as she demonstrates nearly every day on her weblog. If you're not quite sure what all this means, she'll even 'splain it to you, Stranger. You'll be dancing your ass off in no time!

If your aim is to genuinely inform your markets about what you're up to and why anyone should give a damn, hire Jeneane. You can't go wrong. That's assuming, of course, that you are up to something worth giving a damn about. If not, hire robots. They're cheaper and they don't seem to mind writing crap. Jeneane does mind. Although she has many laudable communication skills, suffering fools gladly is not high among them.

Aside from that, she's a very nice person and doesn't (usually) bite.

Tom Matrullo

Former editor of InSarasota.com, Tom Matrullo also worked at a New York Times chain newspaper, writing on business and technology; before that, he taught literature, writing and literary theory at several New York City colleges. He has advanced degrees in Comparative Literature and Journalism.

"I have known Jeneane Sessum as a collaborator, writer, and friend, and can attest to her ability to be both brilliant and personable. She is to blogging what J. Pollack was to painting - she wears it, breaks all the borders and the rules, gives us the play of a consciousness sweetly darting all around her many subjects like a hummingbird. The result is that we see through her writing how the world looks to her heart as well to as her mind..."

Jennifer Balderama

A respected journalist, Jennifer is currently writer and editor with the Washington Post. Before joining the post she worked for CNET where she wrote on business and technology.

"...Reading Jeneane's writing reminds me why I continue to write. She moves people. And if I can move people the way she does--to laughter or to tears--then it's worth it."

Doug Breuer

Doug Breuer is Partner and Director of Ketchum Atlanta, the agency's second-largest office. Before taking the lead role in Atlanta, Doug ran the office's Technology Practice, which he grew to become the Southeast's largest high-tech PR firm.

"Jeneane has been my right-hand creative writer for six years. She is one of the few in the technology business who can write with passion and eloquence--making complex subjects both intelligible and interesting. Clients love her and her colleagues respect her. Jeneane is someone you can always count on when the tough assignments come in."

Michael O'Connor Clarke

Michael O'Connor Clarke was until recently President of Mansfield Communications, a boutique PR firm based in Toronto and New York. Previously, he worked with companies like Weber Shandwick, Compaq, itemus, Intel, eBay, and Cohn & Wolfe; he was VP of Corporate Communications at Hummingbird; VP Worldwide Marketing at PC DOCS; and co-founder and head of Product Marketing for LAVA Systems. He currently writes a PR column for Corante.

"Jeneane Sessum is one of the few truly luminous minds writing in the technology sector today. With her insatiable curiosity and infectious enthusiasm, she is able to translate dry, complex tech matters into lucid, compelling stories that people actually want to read..."

Denise Howell

Denise Howell is an attorney with LA-based Reed Smith. One of the first law-focused webloggers, Denise specializes in appellate and intellectual property litigation with a focus on Internet technology and bioscience companies, real estate developers, professional sports teams, manufacturers and distributors, professional service providers, financial institutions and non-profit organizations.

"When I think of effective corporate communication, Jeneane Sessum comes immediately to mind. She knows critical things about your business that you haven't told her, and that you probably don't even recognize. She knows how to get your message to your customers and clients, and how to hear and build on what they're trying to tell you. My prescription? Take Jeneane in the maximum dosage, and you'll be too busy clocking profits to call me in the morning."


AKMA is Professor of New Testament at Seabury-Western, priest, preacher, theologian, author of numerous books and articles, editor, founding project director of the Disseminary online learning center.

"Jeneane Sessum brings her sharp-edged insight, powerful and expressive language, and her fine-tuned, forward-looking, clue-ful sense of business to every challenge she conquers. She's a one-woman force for transformation in e-business, e-communication, and e-verything else."

David Weinberger

Co-Author of the best-selling Cluetrain Manifesto, author of Small Pieces Loosely Joined, and editor of JOHO, an independent 'zine on how the Web affects business and culture, David is the voice of unreason on the Web. A frequent commentator for NPR's All Things Considered, and president of Evident Marketing, which helps companies figure out what they should be saying, he also writes for magazines such as Darwin and Wired.

"Jeneane is that rare combination of smart, fearless and funny that has the most amazing assortment of people seeking her out."

Gary Turner

Gary Turner is Sales & Marketing Director for the UK based organisation, Pegasus Software, one of the UK's leading accounting and business management application developers.

"When I think about people who approach their work with passion and energy, of the few people who come to mind, one of them is always Jeneane Sessum."

Hernani Dimantas

Hernani Dimantas is dedicated to the debate and the creation of collaboratives projects on the Web. He is the author of several articles about the Internet and business. He is developer of The Marketing Hacker project, editor of Buzzine and a frequent collaborator on digital publications, magazines and journals. Hernani is author of the upcoming book, Marketing Hacker: The Markets Revolution, Editora Garamond, and co-author of the Social Network and Tecnologies, Conectas Direitos Humanos Universais (São Paulo, Brazil).

"Jeneane is very smart and very aware of new trends in the market. She really understands the meaning of global connections and how the Internet is narrowing the distance among people. She gets the conversation and has my thanks for doing things differently."

Halley Suitt

Halley Suitt is Director of Audience Development at Harvard Business School Publishing and writes online at Halley's Comment.

"Who is Jeneane Sessum? Are you kidding me? She's a brilliant writer who came online and took the Internet by storm with her wit, business sense, and incredible voice. She understands what is happening as those of us who live online connect and share our passions."

Esta Jarrett

Esta Jarrett is a long-standing member of Blog Sisters, a writer, and an online diarist.

"...Before the media bandwagon started noticing or analyzing the trends in cyberspace, Jeneane Sessum gathered women writers together at Blog Sisters, a project that has proven both enlightening and enabling. With the insistence that contributors share no other common ground other than their X chromosomes and itch to author, she broadened and popularized the Internet's inherent connective properties for a new sphere of users..."