All communication has voice.

The more authentic and compelling your voice, the more you are heard.

As the words and voice behind more than a dozen Fortune 500/1000 companies— including American Management Systems, Delta Air Lines, Equifax, IBM, Kodak, Nokia, and The Home Depot— I've given voice to corporations by providing creative, targeted communications that deliver engaging messages to customers, employees, and influencers.

For twenty years, my work and words have touched organizations of every size, from small businesses to large enterprises, in virtually every industry. From ad copy to brochures to websites to white papers— and every deliverable in between— I have established and strengthened the voice of corporations around the world. As a writer of bylined articles for more than two dozen CEOs, CIOs and other senior executives, I understand what's required to take the thinking and personality of a leader and translate those qualities to an industry and customer base.

Healthcare. Financial Services. Manufacturing and Distribution. Consumer Retail. Construction. Human Resources and Staffing. These are just some of the industries in which I have served as my clients' mouthpiece.

A pioneering blogger shaping the newest medium for voice since 2001, I have been featured in the New York Times on women and weblogging.

In 2002, I founded Blog Sisters— a women-centric team weblog with more than 100 members. I also write my own popuar blog allied, and the long-standing team marketing blog Gonzo Engaged. I've helped large and small companies enter the world of blogging by providing successful blogger relations, blog monitoring, and by helping them launch their own corporate and employee blogs.

I'm rarely quiet. I'm always honest. Can we talk?