You know the old conundrum: You can have it "good, fast or cheap— pick any two."

What if you had a content provider who could deliver great copy "good, fast and at a great value?" No, it's not as catchy slogan-wise, but because I've been in the business for more than two decades— working global marketing and public relations firms as well as large enterprises and corporations— I've got "good" and "fast" down pat.

And, since I work on my own, with access to a network of creative teammates available at a moment's notice, I can also offer the "value" part of the equation. Let's partner on your next assignment. In return you'll get cost-effective copy that does the job each and every time, no matter what your challenge, requirements, or industry.

My handiwork is my calling card.

Handiwork like concepting and writing the complete Installation Services website for The Home Depot; developing an entire collateral library and the Web copy across four M2M product lines as well as the 2004 annual report [PDF] for Numerex Corp.; and putting Digital Insight in the spotlight with public relations tactics like writing byline articles for key publications like American Banker [PDF], Credit Union Technology [PDF], and Financial Services Marketing [PDF].

I have always made my living with my hands. See the Gallery for additional samples of my handiwork.