All good writing starts with sound thinking. The two are tightly linked, inseparable, necessary.

That's why it takes more than "wordsmithing" to create compelling copy— it takes thought-smithing.

From developing the messaging around the launch and landgrab of powerhouse brands like Cingular, to transforming the image of leading IT placement firm, MATRIX Resources, I've done my share of thoughtsmithing. I have a track record of identifying what's right about great companies and crafting their differentiators into content that makes them even greater. I've helped multi-national organizations implement targeted communication programs; I've helped fledgling startups figure out why they're special, and then build on that uniqueness to establish their competitive foothold.

Simply put: It's my job to provide great copy that connects your business with your markets in more meaningful ways.

Good thinking, good writing. I've done it for IBM, Kodak, WebMD, Harland and more. It's your turn.